Gareth Dashoon

Male near human Padawan


Gareth was the result of a one time encounter his mother had with a Falleen. He was born shaped like a human but with fine tiny scales covering his body that would change color depending on his mood, and reptilian eyes.
When Gareth was 6 months old a pair of Jedi came and told his mother that he was force sensitive and they were taking the child to be trained. His mother knew Gareth’s life was going to be difficult at best with her so she gave him up without a fight.


He did the next 4 years training with the other younglings about the basics of the force until he was chosen to be a Padawan of Master Kren Searian, a Miraluka Jedi known for her skill with a light saber. Soon Gareth was being taught the many forms used in light saber combat and settled on the aggressive two handed style Form V: Shien / Djem So but he also watched as Master Kren worked on completing Form VII: Juyo. Gareth trained very hard and eagerly took any lessons his master seen fit to show him.

When Gareth was 8, his master sent him to stay with Jedi Master Reisolu Dupenal while he was sent on a mission against the Sith. The young Padawan didn’t like being left behind but he was respectful to his wishes and was open to learn what the old man could teach him. But a month later Gareth was informed his master died while fighting one of the Sith commanders. The Jedi Order gave him to Master Reisolu to continue his training.

Gareth has been brooding but has focused on learning all that he can so he may face the Sith that brought low Master Kren.

Gareth Dashoon

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